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Drip Harder - Lil Baby, Gunna [Rug]

Drip Harder - Lil Baby, Gunna [Rug]

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Drip Harder - Lil Baby, Gunna [Rug]

Receipt inspired design of baby lil baby and Gunna's studio album, Drip Harder.  Created by RugReceipts™.



5ft x 3.2ft - In Stock

2.6ft x 1.7ft - In Stock


Each rug is printed on-demand with our heated dye sublimation machine.  Our machine uses 6 different ink cartridges that when mixed can produce any of the 16 million colors in the RGB color space.  We print Sunday-Thursday.
Our rugs are made with an epoxy nonslip backing as a thin base and a dense layer of Japanese cotton held together by woven polyester.  Woven polyester allows for a detailed design while being extremely soft, and stain-resistant. 
2 Sizes Currently Available


5' x 3.2' (60" x 39") - 30.14 Oz
2.6' x 1.7'(31" x 20") - 14.36 OZ


**Production + Shipping Times**

Economy - 20-30 business days

Priority - 7-15 business days 

Contact for faster rates.

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